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    Sprinkles Is Not A CMS

    Sprinkles departs from the classic CMS model that you may know from platforms such as WordPress, Drupal, or Joomla. It doesn't feature any content management, but rather just focuses on content presentation. This makes things a lot simpler, and as a result, easier to manage and easier to keep secure. It's not a static site generator either: there is no build step, everything is dynamic.


    Sprinkles For Content Editors

    Sprinkles is a Content Presentation System: unlike classic Content Management Systems, it doesn't come with a management backend. Managing content can be as easy as editing text files, using whichever tools you are most comfortable with.


    Sprinkles For Web Developers

    Sprinkles was designed with web developers in mind. Much of it will be instantly familiar, and if you have some web development experience, you'll be productive quickly.